How to Duplicate a Keyboard Project?


My colleague made a complete keyboard package (.ico, .keyman-touch-layout, .kmn, .kps, .kvks, readme.htm and welcome.htm) and sent me the project folder (including source and build subfolders). I wanted to make my own keyboard based off of is, but not modify the one he had made.

Here someone describes a similar situation:

It’s not clear to me how this was implemented.

I tried:

  • File>Save as
  • File>Save a copy as

But that only copied one file- not the whole project folder.

Then I tried making a copy of the project folder, using Notepad++ to change every instance of the old project name to the new one, across all files. Then I used Advanced Renamer to do the same to all the file names. It compiled and apparently installed, but was not visible as a new keyboard.

What is the correct process for this?

For the time being, I made a new blank project and copied and pasted the various pieces into it.

Thanks so much,


There’s no really easy way to do this at present. There are files to rename and internal file references to update between .kmn, .kps, .keyman-touch-layout etc. Renaming and manually updating is pretty much the only way to do this at present.

Ah okay. Thanks so much for the clarification!