How to download language js files?

how can I download js language files?

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I’m not immediately sure of what you’re asking for here, but I’ll do my best to help anyway.

Since you’re referring to JS files, I assume you’re working with KeymanWeb? Our other platforms expect them to be contained within .kmp package files, so you should focus on those otherwise.

One helpful thing to know here - our .kmp files are actually .zip files on the inside. You can change a package file’s extension to .zip and open it on any of the major desktop platforms. From there, you can then find the .js files among the extracted contents. So, if you’re wanting to locally host a keyboard’s script on your own site, just download the keyboard’s package via the keyboard-search on and extract that - it’ll get you access to the JS file you’re looking for.

Alternatively, go to, load the keyboard you want there, and then use F12 - the developer mode - and look for either a “Sources” (Chrome, Edge, Safari) or “Debugger” (Firefox) tab. Look for files from with a path starting with keyboard/ - that’ll show you the paths and scripts that has requested and has loaded into itself.

If what you’re actually looking for has something to do with predictive text instead, that has a very different answer and will probably require more specifics about what exactly you’re looking for - especially if you’re asking for files that could add predictive text support for a language currently lacking it within Keyman.

Either way, feel free to clarify and ask additional questions.

actually i’m trying to integrate with react js project but I’m not able to customize, keyman tool is appearing at all inputs, i want it to use at particular places only with user selected language.

I googled about integration some authors configuring addKeyboard with a specific language file (.js).

Ah, in that case…

I’d advise looking at the following links from

  • This example page on our help site should match your desired behavior - KeymanWeb will not interact with its first element while still interacting with the other page elements.

  • Take special notice of the attachType parameter.

It sounds like the actual issue you’re experiencing is that KeymanWeb is automatically attaching to all inputs of your webpage against your wishes.

i want it to use at particular places only with user selected language.

By default, or with attachType: 'auto', KeymanWeb will automatically activate for every input element on the page. By setting it to attachType: 'manual', this behavior will be turned off. You may then call keyman.attachToControl for each element on the page where you do want KeymanWeb to activate.

Alternatively, you may also set the kmw-disabled CSS class on any elements you do not wish KeymanWeb to interact with.

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