How to change "English (United States)" on keyboard

When you select your keyboard in the lower right corner, its name and language pop up. For the one I’m working on, it comes up “English (United States)” rather than the correct language. Where can I change this? I’ve already selected the appropriate language code (did that when I started the keyboard). Other keyboards that I’ve used have the name of the language in that spot.


For that, you’ll want to set the appropriate tagging and metadata as part of your project’s package:

After selecting the.kps file…

Make sure that the entries on the right-hand side of this tab are appropriate for your keyboard.

If you have done that and it’s not working, we’d definitely like to know that; we just want to confirm that this approach has been tried first before digging further.

I think the language info is set correctly. I did notice that I’m not able to set a keyboard font and display font (which I think I need to since Charis SIL is one of the very few fonts that has the characters I need).

Is there a chance that you installed the keyboard directly from Developer? If you installed it from its .kmx / .kmn view, like from this window…

…the language tag information might not come across.

Installing from this screen instead should not have the problem:

The screens are somewhat similar, so be sure to double-check.

The only way to set the font for the keyboard is if you include the font in the list of files in the .kps file. You should only include a font where the license allows you to redistribute it. For example, Charis SIL would all distribution, but a Microsoft font would not.

If you plan to submit the keyboard to the Keyman repo, we recommend using the shared fonts which are in the release\shared folder so that we don’t have to include too many fonts (with various versions) all over the repository. We try to keep the fonts in the shared folder up-to-date.

I can’t remember, but I’m guessing I probably installed it via the method in your first screenshot. I uninstalled the font, but when I tried to install it via the KPS file in your second screenshot, I got two errors saying the .js and .kvk files do not exist, so it won’t let me compile it so I can install it that way.

Where is the release\shared folder? I don’t know where it is so I can’t check to see if Charis SIL is already in there or not. And as far as adding the files, should I add all four Charis SIL files (for italics, bold, etc.), or just the main one?

If you’ve cloned the whole keyboards repo it would be under release\shared\fonts\sil\charis. My personal preference is to include all 4 fonts since my assumption is you are including the font for them to use in real life, not just for display of the OSK. However, if you are concerned about the size of the .kmp you could just include Regular.

Unfortunately that doesn’t tell me where the “release” folder is. I’d need to know the full path so I can browse to it (or approximate if the path is in the user folder or something like that). Also, I don’t know what OSK is.

If you have the repo cloned, one of the folders will be named “release”. That is where you commit keyboards. If you don’t have it cloned, you won’t have that folder.

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