How to add translation to Indonesian?

The Keyman 14 installer only have 4 options

I found this, registered, but couldn’t add Indonesian translation.

I’ve added you to the project and added languages: Indonesian and Javanese

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Finished Android and Windows translation. How can I try them in my machine/device to smooth out the translations?

For Android, we’ll have to do a new build of the app – we’ll do them initially on 15.0 alpha until you are happy with the strings, and then release a 14.0 update with the new translation.

On Windows, you can copy the main strings.xml file (not the setup strings.xml) into a specific folder to make them available on your machine: C:\Program Files (x86)\keyman\Keyman Desktop\locale\<langid> (where <langid> is the BCP 47 tag for the language).

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