How to add the Keyman Galaxie Greek font to Windows for Adobe Acrobat OCR?

I’m using Keyman Desktop for Windows ver 14 (on Windows10) along with the “Galaxie Greek/Hebrew (mnemonic)” keyboard layout, and it works great for typing documents. However, I would also like to add the the same font to Windows so that it’s available to MS Word and also to Adobe Acrobat when running OCR on a scanned document. Does Keyman provide the font in a file that can be placed in the Windows font directory so that it’s available to other applications? Does anyone have experience making keyman fonts available to Adobe Acrobat so that it’s listed as an option when running OCR? Thank you for your help!

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Usually, if font(s) is included in the keyboard package (i.e. .kmp file), it/they will be installed and ready to use in Windows. However, this keyboard doesn’t seem to have any font included in the package.

What is the name of the font you’d like to have included?

I would like the same two fonts that are used by the following two keyboards:
Ancient Greek (to 1453) (grc-Grek-GR) - Galaxie Greek (Mnemonic)
Ancient Hebrew (hbo-Hebr-IL) - Galaxie Hebrew (Mnemonic)

Thank you.

@Lorna do the two keyboards above come with any fonts? I don’t see any in the package? Could you help with this?

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These keyboards do not come with fonts. In fact the readme or welcome files specifically say “This keyboard works with standard Unicode fonts.”

SIL has two Greek fonts and one Hebrew font that allow embedding:

SBL also has a Hebrew font, but I don’t know if it can be embedded:

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