How to add g̃ and j̃ on cell phone keyboards?

Hello, my name is Adriano and I currently work as a researcher among the Sateré people, an indigenous community in the Amazon.
These people would love to use their language in social media, such as Whatsapp, via their cell phones. However, their written language has some accented consonants, like g̃ and j̃, and the virtual keyboards of their cell phones don’t have such possibility.
So, I’m here to ask if anyone knows any app that can add those accented consonants on virtual keyboards. And of course, this app should be free and available on Google Play, so every Sateré could download it to their phone.
Thank you for any tips.

Welcome to the community! This is something you can do easily with Keyman. Keyman is free and open source on all platforms including Android and iOS.

You can get started in creating a keyboard using Keyman Developer, a free download from Keyman Developer | Build custom keyboard layouts for desktop, web, phone and tablets. Tutorials are available on our help site at Keyman Developer 14.0 User Guide and videos are available also at Keyman Developer Training Videos

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Have you searched for a keyboard for your language? Not all keyboards are available on mobile devices but many of them are.

If you cannot find a keyboard for your language, then you can develop one as Marc suggests.

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I don’t see a keyboard available for “Sateré” or " “Mawé” or the language tag l:id:mav (the keyboard search normalizes diacritics so you can search for “Satere” or “Mawe”)

But the default sil_euro_latin keyboard, which comes with the free Keyman for Android and Keyman for iPhone and iPad apps, contains and on the long-presses.

@Adriano_C_da_Silva - Are there additional characters your language requires?

If not, maybe we can just add “Satere-Mawe” to the associated langauge list…

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Thank you all for the sugestions!
I’ll try to use the Keyman Developer, as sugested by Marc.
But does the Keyman Developer also teach how to put this new keyboard on mobiles?

This tutorial describes how to create a touch layout , then how to test and distribute it.

We also have a new guide for making keyboards here using Keyman Developer 15: