How To: 1 Keyboard 2 Touch Layouts?

Hi Keypeople,

I’m wishing to create a PKG that would provide 2 touch layouts. My hope is that any number of mobile layouts in the package would be installed and the user would find them in the keyman menu. Can a package be done this way, even if it means manually editing the KPS XML?


Hi @dyacob

You can use Keyman Developer’s package editor to create a keyboard package (.kps) that contains your two touch layout keyboards (.js). Just remember to associate the correct languages/fonts for each keyboard in the “Keyboards” tab.

It would be pretty similar to the gff_amh_powerpack_7 package, only you’re adding .js files instead of .kmx.

With the upcoming 14.0 release, we still recommend 1 keyboard per keyboard package. That simplifies the language-association experience when installing the keyboard.