How do you synchronize writing system changes

I read that changes to writing systems aren’t included in the Language Forge synchronization. I have added an extra analysis ws in Flex since getting the project into LF. How do I get the new ws in LF? I don’t see a way to edit writing systems in LF (and I suspect that would be a bad idea).
Should I sync everything then delete the project in LF and re-get it?

Hi Craig, thanks for writing in. I think WS changes only sync one-way FLEx → LF, but I think they do continue to sync even after the initial clone. So if you added a WS in FLEx after creating the LF project, it should appear. Let me know if not. We’ve changed this bit over the years so if you could confirm that would be great. We can update the docs to suit.


Thanks, Chris. I did a full cycle of S/R again, but the added WS doesn’t appear in LF.

Hi Craig, what may be happening is that the WS is synced but then the appropriate fields are automatically enabled for that new writing system. I will contact you as a private message to try and resolve this.

Okay, I looked in the Configuration and see that the extra WS has come through. I experimented with turning them on and off and found that I had to refresh the page for the toggle to take effect for the English and Bislama. However, it was the vernacular that I added as a third analysis WS so we can write definitions, etc. in that language. This is not showing up, and so maybe it is an edge case having the same language as both Vernacular and Analysis?