How do I make a template have a set page format

I made a Bloom template with the Template Starter. When I made it I chose a page size of A3 Landscape. Then I made a bloom pack from it, then I installed the pack into bloom to get the template in the templates section. Then when I make a book from the template the page size is set to A5 portrait.

How can I either limit the page size of the template or make a default so that when a book is made from it it starts at that size?

Hi Toby,
Sure sounds like we have a bug. I have created an issue for this in our bug tracker, here.

How do I make an account in the bug tracker so I can comment on the bug?

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to create accounts for general users as we are now having to pay per user account.
You should have received an email when the issue was created. By replying to that email, it will generate a comment in the issue.


What is Template Starter? Does this allow me to make my own templates?

Yes, the Template starter will allow you to make your own templates.

There are some guidelines when you first click on Template starter and also in the Help Menu.