How do i define a deadkey?

How do I define a deadkey?
Instructions say “set” Deadkey, etc., but don’t say where you type in these instructions.

Welcome to the community @mordr,

Could you please send the link or section you found the missing instructions?
In the meantime, this is what we found that might be relevant to the topic:

  1. Syntax for deadkey
  2. Deadkey Example

Please feel free to ask any related question. Thank you!

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Hello, thanks for responding. I’m on my phone right now so it’s hard to find what you’re asking for. But I don’t understand where to type the deadkey instructions. Are they typed in the actual document itself?

Hello @mordr,

Thank you for replying back to us.

It would be very helpful to have the information about the missing instructions. Please provide it for us to assist you to the right solution.

As for now, we can only assume the topic is focusing on Keyman Developer. Are you developing a keyboard on the ‘Layout’ tab? We might not have the example rules on a keyboard for typing deadkeys instructions or syntax but here is what we are able to create from scratch using the instructions from the 2 links above:

This is where to type the deadkey instructions or rules.

Please feel free to let us know if you need further assistance.

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