How can I see the people who showed interest to the "geezbrhan"?

I am dealling with the keyman: geezbrhan.
I - would like to see the people who participate in the program keyman I proposed: geezbrhan. How can I know if they sent a correction arguments to my topic. And also from which part of Nations that argument comes from.
2 - I want to do some interesting updates. Is there any one who can help me build those algorithms to adopt it in this keyman software?

Welcome to the community @Beran,

Your question is listed in the Keyman’s community site and I am here to support you as a Keyman’s Technical Support.

There is already a geezbrhan keyboard in Keyman. Could you tell us how you want to add those algorithms to Ge’ez Berhan keyboard or one of Keyman Products?

Is this the algorithms you are looking to implement?

Your keyboard is available for download here:
On that page, you can see:

Monthly Downloads 88
Total Downloads 2,205

We do not track WHO downloads the keyboards, so we cannot help you with knowing that information.

The source files for your keyboard are available here:

No one has raised any issues or arguments on your keyboard. If someone does request a change, we usually try to reach out to the author of the keyboard to see if they want to make the change.

If you are looking for feedback, I believe you will need to find another avenue to request feedback.

Dear Mengheng,

I appreciate your effort to help me out with my keyboard program. Let me coordinate some of my thoughts to see if my statements are the best choice.

I will be back with you as soon as possible,

Berhanemeskel M. Embaye (Rev)

Thank you @Beran for getting back to us,

Please kindly take a look at @Lorna’s response as well since it might be the answers you were looking for. Here is what Lorna said:

Should there be any further questions, please don’t hesitate to respond to this.