Hint feature on Touch Layout

Continuing the discussion from Keyman 16.0 Beta Release:

Waiting expectantly for this feature. Many users asking where some keys/symbols are. This feature will help many people.
I want to request that when you add this feature, it should be turned on by default.

Once we implement this in Keyman itself, control for this feature will be up to the keyboard developer. At present, we don’t anticipate changing the behaviour of existing keyboards – they would need to be updated to display hints other than the current dot symbol, because it’s not really obvious what should be displayed on the hint for many keyboards.

Yes. But can you make it to automatically show the specified characters for keyboards that have specified them. I’m afraid of having to explain to every user how to turn the feature on.

Also, can the Keyman team create a short video on how to set up Keyman keyboard preferably in two parts: (1) starting with a keyboard link (2) starting with the Keyman app on Google Play Store. A 3rd one for desktop will also be helpful.

This option is for keyboard developers, not keyboard users :grin: If you design your keyboard with the hints, they will be visible to all users. (In the future, we may allow power users to turn hints off, but the default will be to show as the keyboard developer designs it)

Good idea. We’ll look at that when we get some bandwidth!

That’s what I want. Thanks.

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