Hindi Devanagari Phonetic (ITRANS) and Vedic Sanskrit Devanagari Phonetic (ITRANS) bug?

I want to know how to use the punctuation symbols [, ], {, }, \, | in the above keyboard instead of rendering them as ऎ, ꣾ, ऒ, ॵ, ॲ without turning off the keyboard, since they are encoded with these Unicode points on the keyman keyboard. Similarly how do I use #, $, %, ^, &, *, _, + without rendering ॐ, ₹, ࿕ (also, what is this?), ्, :wheel_of_dharma:, ❀?

(In case, this is a bug and can’t be done, I suggest " ` + said character " to get unrendered character like the way Kannada WinScript (NLCI) does, or something similar.)

I just noticed that this problem extends to other ITRANS keyboards too; I use the Hindi Devanagari Phonetic (ITRANS) keyboard for Devanagari and Bengali Phonetic (ITRANS) for Bangla.
I can’t type #, $, %, ^, &, *, _, + in Bangla either, I get ওঁ, ₹, ࿕, ্, :wheel_of_dharma:, ❀ ‍. So I think this needs to be looked at a generic scale.

Another bug which I want to bring to notice is…

The inputs like .D, .Dh, .y, .k, .kh, .g, .j, .f, .n, .r, .L render ড়, ঢ়, য় (Bangla), ड़, ढ़, य़, क़, ख़, ग़, ज़, फ़, ऩ, ऱ, ऴ (Devanagari) as "letter + nuqta" although many of these letters are individual unique points in Unicode and therefore it is unnecessarily rendering two characters instead, which is a practice Unicode disapproves of.

In Bangla it renders, ড/ঢ/য + ় (U+09BC) and for Devanagari it renders ड/ढ/य/क/ख/ग/ज/फ/न/र/ळ + ़ (U+093C).

I believe this bug needs to be fixed, so that one can input the following characters as single Unicode points instead…

In Devanagari,
क़ (U+ 0958), ख़ (U+ 0959), ग़ (U+ 095A), ज़ (U+ 095B), ड़ (U+ 095C), ढ़ (U+ 095D), फ़ (U+ 095E), य़ (U+095F), ऩ (U+ 0929), ऱ (U+ 0931), ऴ (U+ 0934)

In Bangla,
ড় (U+09DC), ঢ় (U+ 09DD), য় (U+ 09DF)

Welcome to the community @Milind_Chakraborty.

Thank you for the observation and details info on what to improve on the keyboard. You may want submit a bug report or feature request against the keyboard on GitHub at: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub.

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Submitted the bug report.

I don’t know how to use the label ‘bug’.

Thanks for creating the issue. I have added labels to it.