Highlighting showing in Export to HTML, but no highlighting in Android app

I created a timing file with aeneas from an audio file. The text and images are from an associated word file. To test I exported to HTML and played it in the browser. It works perfectly and highlights the phrases correctly in the browser. I made no further change to the project but simply hit Build Android App.

Once built, the app renders the images correctly and plays the audio correctly once I hit the initial play button. The app even advances to the next screen automatically when all the phrases on a page has been read and continues to read on the next page. All automatically.

The only thing that does not happen is that no highlighting is displayed in the app at any point in time.

Please advise on how I can fix this.


In RAB 4.1, in the Audio Settings, the first option allows the user to turn
on/off the audio toolbar and you can control whether phrases are

Within the App, the user can turn on/off the highlighting. (This is a
feature just added in the latest version). Access Settings, by clicking the
Menu/three horizontal bars. Highlighting is the only option available there.

Great! Works perfectly! Thanks!