Highlighting not working with \page and \img for first book in a series

I have been spending a lot of time on a Quechua reading app for RAB (now 8.1), trying to fix something that used to work but no longer does for some reason. The problem is this: for the first story that has audio to it, nothing is highlighted after the title. The audio just keeps playing with nothing being highlighted. After that first story/book, all the other stories/books work just fine: each phrase is highlighted as it is read.

I have made a reduced version of the app (made from scratch within 8.1), with just the first two stories, to illustrate the problem. I have called the app simply “x”. The RAB files, along with the two mp3 files, I have in a zip file called x.zip, located here.

After discussing the problem with Marty Lang, I followed his “try this” suggestion and edited the book file from \page and \img to \c and \fig, and put the \fig line before the \s line. In my original app, I also needed to do this to the second story/book in the series. This seems to take care of the problem! All the books/stories following the first two highlight just fine with the audio, even though these books are formatted with \page and \img. However, perhaps the highlighting should also be able to work with \page and \img (?). Hence, my post.

In your project if you go to Audio section and Audio Files tab, you have audio for B003 twice. The second one has no timing file. Removing that did not fix it.

In the timing file for the first book.

\id B003
\c 1
\level phrase
\separators .?!:;
0	3.76	1s1
3.76	11.08	1
11.08	17.8	2

Change the second timing line to:

3.76	11.08	1a

Just add an a to the end of that second timing line.

I’ll write it up as a bug. It should accept a 1 but now it only accepts a 1a.

Thanks, Ian!