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New issue. Keyman started showing the logo randomly at the top of the keyboard.

It’s inconsistent on whether it appears. Being petty, I just don’t want it using unneeded space. From a legit use standpoint, it resizes the keys so the characters are in slightly different positions than I’m used to. Makes it hard to type quickly.

Yeah it’s not ideal. It’s a compromise that we are stuck with for now.

Which version of Keyman are you using?

This is actually a deep issue and you might not want to know all the gory details. The short summary of the problem is that the longpress menus need space above the key to display well. It is a major engineering effort to work around this and move forward with Keyman development – and we simply don’t have the capacity at this time. change(android): Web-based popup key longpressses · Issue #9573 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub is a starting point for the gory detail, but the rabbit hole goes very deep.

We do plan to make the banner space more useful (e.g. emoji – if you consider that useful, clipboard controls) but that’ll come in a future version.

In v17, the logo should always be visible – unless you have predictive text for your keyboard, in which case the banner shows suggestions – and the keys should not be changing size.

I see a secondary issue is that the Keyman logo in your screenshot has the wrong aspect ratio, not sure which version you are using so not sure if that is new or not.


I’ve been using v17 and haven’t seen the banner until last night. I downgraded to v16 (app store build) thinking it might be a beta bug and saw the same issue. The screenshots above are both taken in v16.

In v17 the banner is NOT ALWAYS visible. But it’s either sequence or keyboard specific.

If I enter a text field, the first keyboard that opens has the banner. If I globe toggle to a second keyboard the banner won’t appear initially. If I click elsewhere on screen then back to the text field, the second keyboard will have remained active, but now have the banner.

This behavior appears the same on v16 and v17.

I’m also not 100% it’s not related to the specific keyboards. I’m assuming it’s a bug with generating the initial vs second keyboards.

Is the permenant banner a v17 change? I don’t remember having ever seen it.


Welcome back to the community @Dylan,

Could you share the keyboard name or keyboard download link for us to reproduce the behavior? What device are you using?

This is a feature in version 17.

However, it is a bug if the keys changes in size.

Images below are tests from Keyman for iOS v17.0.254 and v16.0.143.

With the logo

Without the logo

The Keyman banner/logo is showing consistently on the keyboards and does not resize the keyboard layouts.

Note: on iPhone SE with the Keyman v 17.0.200-alpha, the logo does not appear.

We look forward to your response.

Keyman version: 17.0.255-alpha. Same behavior with keyman 16 (App store prod version)
Ancient Greek (to 1453) (Greek) - Polytonic Greek (SIL)
Ancient Hebrew - Hebrew (SIL)

Tested on 2 iPhones: (same behavior)
X w/iOS 17.3
7 w/ iOS 15.8

Steps to reproduce in image:

Difficult to use because after full use of Greek keyboard w/o banner, it renders with the banner on the next re-build. I’m used to the full height, and I instinctively mistype when it switches.

The hold an press bubble appears on the line above for the lower rows of keys, and on top of the key for the top row. Ie the press/hold bubble appears in the same position for 7 as u (upsilon).

Unrelated question: is the keyman logo on the banner a user config setting or is it up to the maintainer of the keyboard? Honestly, I love keyman, and am grateful for what you guys do. It’s just valuable screenspace, and I kind of already know I want to use keyman.

Thanks for the additional details. It’ll really help us to track down the cause of the missing banner. The banner is a placeholder for future functionality because we haven’t had the resources to add that functionality yet, but the big reason we need it is that we cannot have UI elements going outside the area allocated to the keyboard (unlike Apple’s keyboard, which is allowed to!) – and longpress menus (aka press/hold bubbles) and key previews become difficult to use when they pop over the base key.

Definitely, we don’t want it coming and going – the keyboard size needs to be consistent. It’s also curious that the Keyman logo has the wrong aspect ratio on your screenshots, and that the coloured stripe is a few pixels from the top of the banner. That also is not right!

Finally for the avoidance of confusion, Keyman for iPhone has long had the permanent banner, along an option to turn the banner off entirely (see Keyman’s settings), but Keyman for Android starts to match Keyman for iPhone’s banner behaviour only in v17 (although, hopefully without this bug).

@shawn is digging deeper on the bug.

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Another tip that may help. I’ve always had the settings set to have the banner off. If I disable that setting (banner on) the banner appears on Greek initially. So it appears to be a glitch in that setting still removing the banner even though it sounds like that setting should no longer do anything.

Marc, happy to help on my end.

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Hello @Dylan,

We have some update on the banner behavior, read all about it here.

Using Keyman for iOS from version 17.0.297 or above will provide more stability for the banner, but the user can’t decide whether or not to have the banner on or off; instead, the banner will disappear once a lexical model is provided.

Download link: Keyman Pre-release Versions

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Thank you!

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