Help with deprecated glyph

A Bloom user writing in the Jarai language is using this character from the SIL Doulos font:


On Character Set Support - Doulos SIL - Doulos SIL I see that “some characters formerly in the PUA have been added to Unicode, and so have been deprecated in our fonts. Those PUA characters are displayed as black boxes containing a white image of the deprecated glyph.”

How can I find out where this deprecated glyph got mapped to, what it’s new Unicode Hex value is?

Does this page: have the information you need?

It seems the character in question is “LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B WITH STROKE”, which was at U+F20A in SIL’s list of PUA characters, but is now at U+0243.

Brillant. Thanks very much.


With that question now answered, I expect the user will need a revised Keyman keyboard. (Next step).

Much appreciated.

This keyboard supports the correct codepoint

Thank you both. I will let this user know.

By way of follow-up, I had another interaction with the user today to explain a little further what was going on here in a non-technical way.

Here’s my attempt.

Imagine a long street with many houses. Some of these houses are under construction; others are completed. Each house has a particular address, and inside each house, there lives one particular “glyph” or character shape.

When the user began his work, the house where his “glyph” resided was a temporary home, temporary while the permanent home was being constructed. The new home has now been completed, and the “glyph” has now moved to the new address.

But all of the original books are still pointing to the old address.

So, to complete the “move”, the user needs to replace all references to the old address with the new address.

Requirements for user

  • download the updated font and install it on your computer
  • update Keyman to map the keystroke for your special “B” character to the correct/new address
  • delete all old glyphs in your document and retype them using your updated Keyman so that you get the right address

While re-typing to convert from the old to new codepoint would work, is it possible to use search and replace? I have not used Bloom so I don’t know if that feature is available.

More generally, for situations where you need to change the codepoint in a document, we have tools (TECkit and SILConverters) that can automate the conversion, so that re-typing is not needed.

Thanks Bobby. Bloom does not have a search and replace feature.

Good to know about the conversion tools you mentioned. However, I don’t think this user would feel comfortable using those tools.

If someone (you or someone else) is willing to offer that level of support to this user, send me a private message and I will put you in contact with the user.

Having said that, my impression is that it won’t be too onerous for the user to fix his documents himself (they aren’t large books).