Help File Displaying Broken Images?

In the .php file in the help folder, the following line only seems to produce broken links to images:

  </html><div id='osk' data-states='default shift ctrl-alt shift-ctrl-alt'>

Why is this and how do I solve this problem please? Layouts are currently stored in the welcome folder. Do they need to be in the help folder too?

Here’s an image showing the result:


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Can you specify what keyboard you are looking at?

The welcome.htm file (and the files it references) provide the help information packaged with the keyboard. The .php file provides the help information available online. (The Keyman team is looking at how to reduce that duplication by having one format that will provide both.)

The line that you list is a special function available only to the online help that generates keyboard images (rather than using graphics files).

Thanks for replying so soon and clarifying what each file does.

In that case, it’s the welcome.htm file that’s having the problem. It works in a browser. But when I try to access it via the Keyman icon in the system tray, that’s when the broken image links appear.

I was only looking at the Runeboard runic keyboard.

I was actually trying to figure out something totally unrelated but became sidetracked. Yet if you could say please, how can I add a zero-width space after punctuation characters?

To explain this other problem, Unicode doesn’t recognise that the runic punctuation characters should be breaking characters. I assume that’s because historically runic punctuation characters didn’t have to be so, but nowadays if a word won’t fit on a line then standard practice would be to write it on a new line. I’m attempting to overcome this problem by adding a ZW SP after punctuation characters so that other software will recognise the space as a breaking character.

I tried adding “c 200B” after the characters in question last update but that doesn’t seem to have worked. Looking at some other keyboards, if I change it to “U+200B” instead, will that work?

The reason that the keyboard images referenced by the welcome.htm file aren’t showing up is that they were not included in the list of files for the package. (In Keyman Developer, you can adjust the package (the .kps file) using the Files tab on the left and then adding the relevant images.)

It may work on your local machine since all the files are there, but unless the image files are included in the package, it won’t work for the installed keyboard.

Yes, using U+200B should give a zero-width space, for example:

+ [K_SPACE] > '᛫' U+200B c Runic single punctuation, followed by zero-width space

should produce U+16EB U+200B whenever the space key is pressed.

Note that ‘c’ followed by space introduces a comment with continues to the end of the line, so the c 200B in your current file is a comment ignored by the compiler (as is the end of my example: c Runic single punctuation, followed by zero-width space)


Thank you for explaining how all this works :slight_smile:

The problems has been resolved

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