Hello everyone

I have no luck with FieldWorks. This is 10th time my team and I trying to make a croatian-dalmatian dictionary (based on our research) but it make many errors.
For example, last year everythig is crushed down after more then 200.000 entries, and this time we are not able to see gloss or definition in dictionary field for demoted sences.
It’s very crazy situation.
Is there anyone who can help us with this?

Hi Persival. Sorry that you are having problems with FieldWorks. This discussion list is specifically for Dictionary App Builder (DAB), a separate program that is distinct from FieldWorks (FLEx). It sounds like your questions relate to FLEx and not DAB, so could you please post this question on the FLEx-list Google group discussion list? It is located here:

I believe that list is public, so anyone can read the posts, but you need to request to become a member of the list before you can post your question. It should be fairly clear how to do that on the web page, but if not, feel free to ask. Good luck!

It is not problem to post question again, but why does FieldWorks help lead me on this site, then not somewhere else?
Thanks a lot.

I’m not sure exactly what you are referring to, but from the FieldWorks site, Home - FieldWorks - FieldWorks, where you went to download the software, there is a Support tab, and along with other information, there is a link to the FLEx Google Group - a place to discuss Language Explorer (FLEx):


You can click on that link or the link in the post above. That will get you to the Google Groups web page where you can request to be a member and post your questions. Please make sure to use a good title for your post - something that describes the problem you are trying to resolve.

Hope that helps…

Reading your initial post again. We do have a bug report in for Minor Entries not showing Glosses in the Index view. So that is a DAB bug.
However if you are talking about the image and b) in the example entry not having a gloss before the (…) part, then our bug is different. That looks like a Flex configuration issue. But I’d need to see the XHTML for that entry to be sure the gloss is really missing.

It looks to me like image is the sense 1 entry data and image is a subsense of sense 1. Is my assessment correct?

It gets difficult to decern where a bug is occurring when two programs are involved.