Hebrew (Standard) Basic Keyboard

The keyboard help page correctly describes the symbols available on Desktop for this keyboard:

Unfortunately, the onscreen Keyboard for Desktop does not include all the symbols on the AltGr (Right Alt) layer. (The touch layout seems to be missing some symbols, but I haven’t looked into it closely.)

Can the onscreen Keyboard for Desktop be updated?

Hi @todd_bequette_sil_or

I’ve added your request to update the keyboard OSK here



I’ve updated the keyboard OSK and touch layout. See if it’s improved for you.

Here’s a zoomed-in shot of the Right-Alt OSK

Thanks for the updated OSK. The tiny vowels are much clearer.

However, it seems that I misdiagnosed the original problem. The laptop with the problem seems have conflicting OSKs. When I click on the OSK button in Keyman, a different OSK appears, which does not show the correct layout (and it doesn’t have the Keyman header).

Regardless, it’s still nice to have a clearer OSK—those Hebrew vowels are tiny!

I may be able to assist directly, will reach out via private message.