Hebrew SIL keyman not typing hataph patach etc. on Mac

I just installed the Hebrew (SIL) keyman on my Mac (OS 12.5.1) and am working in MSWord (16.82) using the Ezra SIL font.
The keyboard layout shows hataph qametz on alt-shift-o
That’s a Windows label (but I don’t see a guide for Macs) so I assume shift-option-o on a Mac.
However the hataph qametz does not show up anywhere on my On Screen Keyboard. Shift-opton-o does not type hataph qametz. A hataph qametz will not compile from typing a consonant and then a qametz and then a shewa, or from typing shewa and then qametz.
Similarly some of the accent marks (involving the option and shift option keys) will not type.
[And, even though I turn off all the auto correct stuff in MSWord, if I type option-= to get an atnach, I get switched out of Ezra SIL and get ≠ instead.]
I can type a hataph patach on the Mac’s Hebrew QWERTY keyboard in Ezra SIL, but I can’t get the accent marks there. And MSWord does not like switching the input method in the middle of a word (not functional to switch (back and forth between Hebrew SIL and Hebrew QWERTY).
Trying to resolve this for my students, but couldn’t myself.

Apparently the answer is to type o then semi-colon (or holem then shewa). That is not visually expected nor the expected progression of vowel length. Might be useful to leave this thread up as others probably have and will stumble over this when first trying the keyboard