Hcesar keyboard update

Hi, i was trying to adapt the hcesar keyboard to the pt-pt portuguese layout, as we need to use many diacritics in our language, the layout available is a bit confusing to use on my keyboard, and most people that wiil use this keyboard will be from my country, so i found the concept here: Category:HCESAR keyboard layouts - Wikimedia Commons
(apple keyboard concept)

After playing around i thought it was good enough, here is my version:


Hi Tagoink. Welcome to the community.

There is already a keyboard with the id hcesar : hcesar keyboard

However, if this one is different or improved you would be welcome to submit your keyboard to our repository under a different folder/filename. If it’s not too different we might consider merging your changes into the existing hcesar keyboard (since that one is considered experimental).

This page should help you with the submission:

I uploaded the files to: GitHub - Tiagoink/keyboards, how can i make a pull request?

I fixed some keys that was missing in windows on first row: («») and (ºª) and moved the € sign one key to the right, to be on the letter E, for ease of use. i think everithing else is consistence.

i kept the [ -] key on the same place of last version (old layout), kept the [ºª] on fist key as its already used in spanish, so its not a unusual location, and for this two keys be close (as they are next to each other in portuguese keyboard), also the minus sign now is on the same line as the plus sign. i tried to keep the [] key on the first place but [ºª] is present on the first row on the old layout, and if [ºª] in before H, the key below it would be [-], and it would be the oposite of the portuguese layout, so not very intuitive, placing the [ºª] in firt row, makes it consistent with old layout, and logicaly more organized, as the [,;] and [.:] needs to be togetheter, the [_-] could be together with the [], also its the last key, so now it have all keys, as a modern keyboard.

In your modified layout, is there a way to type accented vowels like á à â ã ?

On the original hcesar layout I did last year, you get these accented characters by typing ` ~ ´ or ^ after the vowel.

Yes, the á is typed be pressing the [´] dead key, the à pressing the Shift and the [´] key and next the letter. The ã and â, is similar, but using the [^~] key. There is also ä, but it works with pressing Altgr, instead of Shift first, at least on a native keyboard, it should work the same way.

Those deadkeys do not work at all when I try your keyboard. I wonder if this is because my underlying keyboard is US.

This version of your keyboard layout does have working deadkeys for diacritics (at least it works on my keyboard). The two dots over the vowel is obtained by pressing either ALT key then + then the vowel. (This avoids the warnings about using LALT and RALT together with ALT).

Does it work on your keyboard?

hcesar11.kmn (5.6 KB)

The diacritics are working, caps lock works with the diacritcs, but its not working for all keys.

áéíóúý → deadkey[ ´ ]+vowel :white_check_mark:
ÁÉÍÓÚÝ → deadkey[ ´ ]+shift+vowel :white_check_mark:

àèìòù → capslock+shift+deadkey[ ´ ]+vowel :white_check_mark:
ÀÈÌÒÙ → deadkey[ ´ ]+vowel+shift :white_check_mark:

âêîôû → capslock+shift+deadkey[~]+vowel :white_check_mark:
ÂÊÎÔÛ → shift+deadkey[~]+vowel :white_check_mark:

ãõ → deadkey[~]+vowel :white_check_mark:
ÃÕ → deadkey[~]+shift+vowel :white_check_mark:

hcesar.kmn (5.5 KB)

Only the diacritics in this table are use, since last spelling reform of 1990, so the ýÝ,èÈ,ìÌ,òÒ,ùÙ,îÎ,ûÛ,ẽ,ĩ,ũ, are not necessary. .

hcesar_po.kmn (5.8 KB)
I made this keyboard using the basic_kbdpo.kmp file.

It looks good.
When I tested it, the CAPS lock did not work for k or w.

Putting this code in for k makes the caps lock work:

+ [NCAPS K_COMMA] > U+006b
+ [CAPS K_COMMA] > u+004B

+ [NCAPS K_PERIOD] > U+0077
+ [CAPS K_PERIOD] > U+0057

Although for some reason pressing Shift and W when caps lock is on does not produce w, but >.

Note that you have [NCAPS SHIFT K_PERIOD] twice here, so the first one will take priority over the second one here.

Right. The last line should be:

  • [CAPS SHIFT K_PERIOD] > U+0077

[CAPS SHIFT K_Y] > U+0061
[CAPS SHIFT K_S] > U+0071

can you test the ALTGR + KEY?
if its showing qwerty letters, maybe it needs

  • [NCAPS RALT K_A] > no letter
  • [CAPS RALT K_A] > no letter
    or something for each letter.

I don’t have an ALT-GR key on my physical keyboard. I can get the ä by pressing right ALT then [ then a.

Hi. I tried to update the files as you both seemed to agree on above. Take a look at this Pull Request:

Its ok for me, but there are just two typos, in the following lines:

  • [CAPS SHIFT K_Y] > U+00461
    should be + [CAPS SHIFT K_Y] > U+0061

  • [CAPS SHIFT K_S] > U+0073 U+0071
    should be just + [CAPS SHIFT K_S] > U+0071,

and the B in + [CAPS K_COMMA] > u+004B
and + [CAPS SHIFT K_COMMA] > u+006B
in lowercase (b).


^a will produce â (not ä) (available on aAeEiIoOuU).

hcesar.kmn (5.8 KB)
I think this fixes the typos you mentioned.

Does the ä now work right too?