Having Capslock+LeftCtrl while having LeftCtrl commands still functioning


I had thought of ways on how to expand the unicode in my keyboard layout and I had thought of the idea of using the LeftCtrl key, but using it exclusively when it’s on CapsLock, so I can have both the function of the LeftCtrl key as it is, while also increasing my total amount of symbols

I had tested this as…

  • [CAPS LCTRL K_V] > ‘⺔’
    So theoretically speaking, if I would wish to copy something, say “Qhtspfgl” and use the base Ctrl+V command, it would work, however when the caps lock is on, it would produce “⺔”
    However, it did not work, disabling Ctrl+V entirely

However, this could be possible, and I had just programmed it wrong, so I came here to ask if it is possible
Thank you for your assistance.

This is likely not to be possible – in Windows Text Services Framework, the input method must reserve key combinations such as Left Control+V when it wants to handle them, so it’s not possible to have the key combination serve a dual purpose as you describe. The only way to do it would be to ‘unreserve’ combinations when Caps Lock was off and ‘reserve’ them when Caps Lock was on. It would require significant redesign which is well out of scope for Keyman as it only provides a benefit in this very narrow use case. (Doing this may also lead to difficulties with compatibility across applications – there are decades of design choices in the input stack across the operating system and the multitude of applications, and changes must be implemented with great care.)

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