Guide to Configuration in French

I recently wrote up a guide to using the configuration tool in French so that my Chadian teammate could use it to administer WeSay in his language project. It’s a rough draft, but basically takes goes through all that the Configuration Tool does and how to use it to set up a project using an import from FLEX. I’m wondering if this would be of interest to others working in Francophone Africa and if I need to get permissions to post it somewhere (and where should that be?). As I said, it’s a draft at this point so I’d need to get some major French checking and do some restructuring of the layout, but I don’t want to go to the trouble unless it will actually be used by someone else.

HI Elaine,

If it’s working for your colleagues then I’m sure it’s worth posting. You could post it here in this forum! If you are maintaining it as a Google Doc, then a link to the guide in this thread will be sufficient. Thanks!

Hi Elaine,

Since the guide is in French it should go on our web site - our French source for all things in Language Technology. I have created a stub of a page here: Outilingua | WeSay. You could create a user for yourself (on the main page: Outilingua | Accueil), and then you could edit the page yourself, or you could pass the information to me, and I could try to make sure it gets posted.