GTK apps with Keyman

Hi all! I was having some problems with using Keyman keyboards with GTK apps, in particular Gedit (I would link to the website but I’m not allowed, so ask me if you can’t find it by googling). It’s a free downloadable program that has been useful when I write LaTeX documents, originally written for Linux and then ported to Windows via GTK. Right now, when I switch to a Keyman keyboard in Gedit, no input is possible. When I used KMFL on Linux, it had no problems, however.

Is this a GTK issue, a Keyman issue, or a compatibility issue? Suggestions much appreciated!

I have Keyman 9 installed and am using Windows 10. I cannot use a Keyman keyboard with Gedit either. Then I tried Keyman Desktop 10 and still cannot use a Keyman keyboard with Gedit (on Windows 10).

Yes, this is a known limitation in GTK – it does not accept Unicode character input from 3rd party Windows input methods. We have not reviewed this issue in some time and we may look at possible workarounds in the future.