Greek alpha with macron and breathingd

I’m trying to create initial long alpha with macron, breathing and accent. I can find the characters with macron. Are there any combining characters that I can use to generate the accents / breathings above the macron, as used e.g. in vocabularies or grammatical tables? I have found e.g. U+1FCE for smooth breathing + acute accent but these don’t combine with the macron characters ( and in any case seem to be too low). Is there a way I can generate these characters, preferably with gentium alt?

Hi Gary -

There are a few different character sequences that might be used to get a vowel+macron+breathing+accent combo, but in most fonts (including Gentium Plus and older versions) the diacritics won’t stack properly. We are fixing this in the next version (v7) but that will not be out for a few months.

You can try other fonts like Brill or Skolar that have good Greek support, but you may have to experiment to see which character sequences work.