Graphic for Keyboard Layout in SVG

In the Keyman help, on the page Keys, Virtual Keys and Virtual Character Keys, scrolling down to the heading Virtual Key Visual Layout, there is a really nice, clean keyboard layout. Is it possible that you could make that graphic layout available, preferably in .svg format? That would be a great template for making documentation for keyboards we are developing.

I just looked at the page source, and I see that it is done in HTML! Hmmm… I guess for our keyboard documentation, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to produce it in HTML format, so I might look into that. If anyone has any suggestions, or has in fact converted this graphic to SVG, I might still be interested in that.

I’ve been using this site (which does allow export in SVG, though I’m using the PNG for cross-compatibility in Android):
It takes some time if you have to fill it manually, but it’s even CSS stylable.

The cool thing is that it works off of GitHub Gists.

It’s possible, although not trivial, to use KeymanWeb to generate documentation keyboards. It’s on our agenda to make this easy in the future, as a tool in Keyman Developer.

You can also export a visual keyboard to HTML within Keyman Developer, but the HTML it generates is pretty old-school (it was written over 10 years ago and it shows).

This might be related to an outstanding issue found at (Infrastructure) Support building help.php and welcome.htm from single source · Issue #237 · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub.