Gradle cache

On my Windows laptop, the folder “<user>\gradle\caches” is 457 MB in size. Since these are caches, can they be deleted if I need to free disk space temporarily?

Presumably these caches will be created again at some point.

You can delete it. The next time you build an app, the data will be re-downloaded.


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Maybe one day I should make a list of all the caches that are not deleted by Windows Disk Cleanup and CCleaner – could help to temporarily free a lot of disk space!

(FYI, I just ticked a few more boxes in CCleaner – to clean more apps – and found that Microsoft Teams, which I never use, and which I think I have not used in the past, had 1.20 GiB of temp files! Zoom also had 57.3 MiB. See below.)

Could a request be put to Piriform to add Gradle to the list of apps you can clean in CCleaner?