Gloss vs Definition

WeSay configuration tool recommends entering gloss data versus definition data – but I don’t remember why. It says that using the Gloss field is the preferred choice when sharing data with FLEx. Can you explain why? Will the Send/Receive from WeSay (1.6.10, or possibly 1.6.8) to FLEx (8.3.12) still work if we collect all of our RWC data via the Definition field?

This is very important, please help!

I remember that we chose to use gloss because what you get from the WeSay user in that context is one or two words. You aren’t going to get a well-crafted definition. What I don’t remember is why this caused problems on the FLEx side, but I don’t think it is a Send/Receive issue. Beth Bryson would know the history, probably @jnaylor. Whatever the reason, it was enough for the setting that lets you create definitions instead.

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Hello Joyce, I don’t believe that there are any technical problems with using definition. Just that it is not the preferred field as John said. Usually in an RWC you are not collecting a definition.

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