Ghanakeyboards Ewe language Keyboard is Missing Some Characters


I am very excited to join the forum. I installed ghanakeyboards, Ewe language version for Mac, PC, iOS and Android, and I can’t seam to work out the keystrokes to generate the characters below; either that or they are missing in all versions. May I please ask for instructions on how to add́́́/generate them myself if they don’t already exist?

ɖ u + 0064

ŋ u + 145B

ɔ u + 254

ɛ u + 025B

ʋ u + 028B

γ u + 0263

Thank you in advance for your help!


Welcome to the community, Gil.

I guess you are using this keyboard: To type those characters, please follow the following key sequences:

ɖ u + 0064, press Right Alt + d
ŋ u + 145B, press q
ɔ u + 254, press c
ɛ u + 025B, press j
ʋ u + 028B, press Right Alt + v
γ u + 0263, press Right Alt + x

For more details, please refer to the OSK below:



Right Alt:

If you have further question, let me know. This is marked as resolved for now.

Hi Marak,

Thank you for the prompt response. I shall try the keystrokes you recommended. Any advice on generating those characters on iOS?

Thank you.


Hi Makara,

Just a quick update: I just checked my iPhone again and I have the Ewe (Latin) Positional (SIL) keyboard installed, but I can’t get get it to generate any of the characters:


Any ideas?



This keyboard was not created for iOS.

You may want to try other Ghana keyboards, such as: Here is how to type the special characters:

Hi Gil,
I just updated “Ghana” to support the characters Ewe needs:

The license for ghanakeyboards doesn’t allow us to update those keyboards.

Hi Lorna,

Thank you for your time and effort in updating the Ghana keyboard! I have downloaded and installed the Ghana.kmp file, by selecting it in keyman on my iphone X, I am able to select Keyman->Ghana keyboard, but I still do not see the Ewe characters when I type them. Other than pressing and holding the Globe icon to launch the keyboard menu on iphone and selecting Keyman->Ghana keyboard, is there something else I need to do?

I noticed that the Cameroon Mina keyboard has many of the characters I seek. Is it possible to duplicate the Cameroon Mina keyboard file and modify it to add the Ewe characters, add the Ghana flag instead, and release it as Ghana Ewe keyboard? Just a thought.

Please let me know what you can do. Thank you for your time and effort.



Can you tell what version of the ghana keyboard you have? It should be 1.2.2.

Also, are you familiar with the longpress keys? The little keys with dots at the top right corner have the special characters needed. For example hooked d is on the longpress of the d key.

Hi Lorna,

Yes, I am familiar with the longpress keys. I am longressing to check for the characters.

I downloaded the ghana.kmp file from the url you provided. How does one go about checking the version?



How does one go about checking the version?

You can find the keyboard version on the same page as the QR code for sharing the keyboard.