Gentium book plus : word 19 does not generate bold in pdfs

Gentium book plus in word 2019 documents. Neither bold or nor the bold part of bolditalic renders in pdfs generated from within word 2019 using either foxit or word’s save as pdf. Problem is isolated to rendering this font in these variations in this context. However, pdf printers (foxit; pdffill; microsoft) render as expected. Exasperating. Is there some setting within word 2019 that might correct this problem? Thanks.

This is a known problem related to how the Book family is structured. We have fixed this for the next version (7) but that won’t be out for a few months. Sorry, but I know of no workaround other than to use the print to PDF methods.

Thank you for this information. I am now looking forward (impatiently!) to version 7.