GEEZ vowel

Thanks for sorting and having us this opportunity typing Geez words in Mac. I have both Tigrigna, Geez, and Amharic, nether of them won’t let me type vowel form. lets say I want say selam. ስልም this is all I got. What should I do.


Thanks for your question. Can you tell us

  • what keyboard you are using?
  • what version of Keyman you are running?
  • what version of Mac operating system you are using?

I believe @makara is tracking some other issues with Amharic on macOS also. Would be worth checking in with him.

This issue definitely seems to be application specific, I see it off an on and as a work around I go to a text editor to type, then copy and paste back into the uncooperative application.

As I encounter this, I can add the name of the application to the issue ticket which may help with testing solutions.