Garp Sinhala 7.2.0 for Mac

Hi, I’m trying to download version 7.2.0 from here but the keyboard I’m getting says it’s version 7.1.3:

Version 7.1.3 doesn’t appear to have the Sinhalese characters displayed on the on-screen keyboard, and I’m hoping this has been fixed in 7.2.0.

Does anyone now where I might be able to download 7.2.0 from, or who I can ask about replacing the download asset on the Keyman website so that it delivers the file for 7.2.0?

Many thanks,

I had a quick look at the package. This package is currently a legacy package and so doesn’t yet match the modern requirements including consistent versioning! The keyboard file is listed as version 7.1.3 but the package version is 7.2.0, so the downloaded file is the latest version.

We can try and contact the author of the keyboard and see if they are willing to make the source available, and then we can bring the on-screen keyboard up to date. (@Lorna are you happy to do this?)

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I am having trouble finding the author of the keyboard. The domain is no longer online. Unfortunately, we don’t actually the original source files either, we just have compiled files, and the keyboard was released under a freeware license, not MIT. @Marc would you have another email address in your history (other than the one using the domainname of garpsinhala?

Hi Lorna,

I’m Gayan Rajapaksha I’m the author of this keyboard, I haven’t touched this project since the last update. please contact me if needed.

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Thank you! I have private messaged you about this keyboard.