Galaxie Hebrew Mnemonic with QWERTY-US keyboard

I am using Keyman 16 with the Galaxie Greek/Hebrew (Mnemonic) Keyboard Package. My hardware keyboard is US QWERTY.

I have been using the Greek (Mnemonic) component of this package without problem for a couple of years. I have just activated the Hebrew (Mnemonic) component.

Instead of the expected mnemonic equivalent of each hardware keystroke (as the documentation promises!), I am getting the following Hebrew characters for each keystroke on the QWERTY row. Other rows also do not produce mnemonic equivalents.

What is wrong? How fix this?

Q /
W ’
E ק
R ר
T א
Y ט
U ו
I ן
O ם
P פ
[ ]
] [

Welcome to the community, @Dennis.

I was trying to reproduce the behavior, but things work as expected for me. Each key output the expected character.

Could you help elaborate the behavior of this issue a little more?

I have tested this keyboard (Galaxy Hebrew (Mnemonic)) on Windows 11 using Keyman 16.0.141. See the screenshot below. :slight_smile:

Thank you markara.

Because I could not figure out how to reply to my own message, I posted a second message with the same topic, with the following information.

I resolved my problem by downloading the stand alone Hebrew component of the Galaxie Greek-Hebrew Mnemonic package, and this works as documented.

The package I was using initially was probably a couple of years old. Could it be that a Standard Hebrew keyboard back then got bundled with the mnemonic Greek?

Thank you for your post, and for your many other posts. While browsing the other day, I found your posts to be particularly clear and to the point.

You are welcome, @Dennis. It is good that you have got it to work.

Yes, this is one of the few keyboards we have in our library whose package contains two keyboards.