Force CSS re-import on XHTML projects

As it is explained on this post CSS Tweaks not reflecting in App - #3 by Matthew_Lee it is very painful to update CSS on XHTML projects.

In my case I have all the updated CSS code on a separate file that I need to re-add to the APPDEF file after a lexicon is updated. And all new code is added manually on the APPDEF with it’s own difficult format that is very different than html CSS format.

Example APPDEF format:

<style name=".entry&gt; .senses&gt; .sensecontent&gt; .sense&gt; .exemplar&gt; span:first-child:before" category="imported">
      <style-decl property="content" value="&apos;[&apos;"/>

Example of the same on HTML CSS format:

.entry> .senses > .sensecontent > .sense> .exemplar> span:first-child:before{

Is this easy/possible to accomplish?

Thank you very much for the great work already done!