Fonts with keyboards

Is there a way to link a keyboard to a font - such that when you switch from regular English to keyboard x, it will always switch into font x, and then when you switch back to English, it would revert back to whichever font&size you were on before?
thanks for the assistance

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Hi Daniel,
I don’t think it’s going to be a simple answer to your question. Some of the Keyman keyboards do have a font included in the keyboard package and as long as it’s listed as the preferred font for the keyboard then it should be switching to use that keyboard. If there is no font association then it won’t switch, so I don’t know about switching back for your other keyboard.

And, many keyboards do not have a font associated with the keyboard.

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Hello Daniel,
Please refer to this link we found that has a similar problem to yours - Set font along with keyboard - #12 by Marc
Thank you @Lorna for the insightful answer.


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