Font subsets not available for all SIL fonts?

As the font for my app, I would like to choose Charis SIL Compact (Cyrillic subset), but no subsets are listed for the “Compact” SIL fonts.

I presume that using a subset reduces the size of the built app – is that correct?

Is there a way to use subsets with Compact fonts?

What are you hoping to achieve with the Compact that you can’t with the existing subset? Tighter linespacing.

The subsets available are version 5. The current version is version 6. You could request a Charis Compact as a subset…

See the note about “Font subsets” near the bottom of the Download - Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek Fonts - Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek Fonts page. Existing subsets are based on v5 and none are planned for v6.

Does RAB support WOFF/WOFF2 fonts? These are generally much smaller than the TTF format and provide the size savings without the need for subsetting.

Does RAB allow control of the line spacing? If so, you can get the effect of the tighter line spacing of the Compact font without needing to use a custom font.