Font keeps changing in SayMore

Weʼre using SayMore for transcription and it was working well. But recently it started having a problem with the font in the transcription lines. Each time we re-open SayMore, the font used for all the transcription has a strikethrough in it. If we go into options and remove the strikethrough, it fixes it with no problem. However, if we close SayMore and come back in, it will have the strikethrough again. Sometimes it also brings the font and the type (ex. bold, italics) and the size back to the setting they were before, sometimes it leaves some of them as weʼve chosen them, or sometimes it changes them to something that it wasnʼt before.

Also, every once in a while, when we have finished the transcription and are listening back through it to verify it, when we click on one of the boxes of transcription, the font shows up very small and with no formatting there. If that happens, if you click in another row and then click back in that row it will fix itself.

This just started recently, but since I am not the main user of the computer I donʼt know if anything specific was done to cause these problems to start.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix it? Has anyone seen this before?


Strange. What version of SayMore is installed? Sounds like you might not know if a new version was recently installed, but if you can find that out, it would help in investigating the problem. There is a change coming soon to enable more control of fonts, but it hasn’t been released yet, and in any case it shouldn’t directly affect that part of SayMore. I don’t think there have been any recent changes that would affect that. Could you email a copy of the project file (.sprj) to

Looking back, I see that there was a problem like this with a very old version of SayMore (3.0.??). That has been fixed, so if the person having this problem is using a version of SayMore that is a several years out of date, upgrading should solve the problem.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your responses! I checked out the version of SayMore, and it is the current version – 3.5.2. It’s on a new computer, so was just installed in September. And sorry, when I saw the computer I forgot the part of your message that asked me to e-mail you the project file. I will do so when I’m with the co-worker again, probably next Wednesday.

Thanks for your help!

Hi again Thomas,

Yesterday I went to send you the .sprj file, but the guy using the computer said that the problem is solved and doesn’t happen anymore. So I don’t know what it was, but I guess it’s fixed? I’ll let you know if it happens again, and thanks for your help!

They say that problems that go away by themselves come back by themselves. We’ll see…