Folders/BookShelves in Bloom Reader App

We have been using the Bloom Reader app in a preschool in southern Kenya. We have stories in four languages recorded to accommodate the multiple mother-tongue languages of the children. Currently each tablet is specified to be only one language and equipped with corresponding audiobooks on the app. It would be incredibly helpful if we would be able to put all the stories on each tablet, but with folders to organize the languages. Is this a possibility for inclusion in future development updates?


(I believe this request is similar to one posted a few months ago about having a “bookshelf”. I didn’t see any response.)

Hi Angela,
Yes, it is possible to make Bookshelves in Bloom Reader. This requires a Bloom Enterprise subscription & some help from us, as it isn’t built-in to Bloom yet. Someone on our team will contact you directly.

Hi John,

has there been any more progress on the Bloom Reader Bookshelf concept? I have got hold of some instructions on how to make it work by editing JSON files in the device, however is it possible to share bookshelves full of books with other users without having to manually edit the JSON files in every user’s device?

I see now that the bookshelves can be shared using long-press, so that’s fine. I only need to edit the JSON in one place. Great!