Flick layout mobile (Swipe from key for different letter)

Most Japanese keyboards using the 12-key Layout support flicking from the center of a key off to one of four sides.
[image 1] (https //join biglobe ne jp/mobile/sim/gurashi/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/flick_or_toggle_06.png)
↑ In this example, tapping on this key would produce ま, but since the user swiped down, it produces も.

[image 2] (https //news mynavi jp/article/20171113-windows10report/images/001.jpg)
↑ Here’s a more modest example where flicking from letter keys enters symbols or numbers. (SwiftKey)

[image 3] (https //live staticflickr com/2523/3900136064_a9072c8fc9_n.jpg&h=822b9b60fec66588dd50e63e409654c95bc8a474b1ac1460eb7f0d8a8a1613b4)
↑ I’ve seen layouts with up to 8 flick directions (4 cardinal + 4 diagonal). Although this example (MessagEase) uses drags instead of flicks, the principle remains the same for dragging to an adjacent key (e.g. from “o” to “s” enters “j”).

If Keyman implemented this missing feature, it would be one of the very best ways to design a keyboard for touchscreen devices. For example, this layout for the Shavian alphabet I’ve designed myself:


  • Ability to define up to 8 flick directions for each key
    • Warn the creator if swiping left from the leftmost key, swiping right from the rightmost key, or swiping down from the bottom row of keys
  • Ability to show all letter previews, instead of hiding the extra letters in a dot, as is done with long press
  • Detect the closest defined flick direction
    • e.g. if up-left, down-left, and down are defined, flicking exactly right should not input any letters, but any trajectory between right and down should input the letter defined in down

Welcome to the community @haley!

Good news is that we are planning to implement flick gesture support in 16.0, including 8 flick directions (cardinal and intercardinal directions). The requirements you have noted are clear and make a lot of sense. We’ll make sure we take those into account. See https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman/issues/5029 for details.

The display of additional key cap letters is scheduled to be released as part of 17.0/

Both versions are scheduled for release this year :grin:.