First character joined by @& ligature tie disappears in Excel

The first character joined by the @& ligature tie disappears when I type them in Excel. Using e@&i as an example, the e displays like normal. When I hit the @, the voiceless diacritic appears above the e, as I supposed it should. But, when I hit the &, the e disappears along with its diacritic, and the right hand side of the tie appears under where the second character will appear. When I hit the i, an i appears above the right hand side of the tie. And, when I hit Enter and leave the cell, the entire tie appears, with the i above the right side, but nothing where the e should be.

The sequence forms correctly in Notepad, and I can copy and paste it from there into Excel. Also, the #& tie above the characters works fine in Excel.

(This is not an important matter (for me) that needs your time. I have two means of getting a tie, Notepad, or use the upper one. But, it would be nice to have it fixed eventually.)

Windows 10 Pro
Excel 2016, (Office Home and Business)
Keyman Desktop 10.0.1093.0
SIL IPA Unicode 1.1.1

Yes, this is an issue with Excel which we have raised with Microsoft. Recent versions now treat some combining marks as part of the base character when backspace is pressed. Because it’s only some combining marks and clusters, it’s hard to make a stable solution. We have this documented in our compatibility reports and we will come back to it after release of 10.0.

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I confirm Excel 2016 has the issue of removing cluster of Characters for Kannada at once.

Pages and other iWorks in Mac has the same issue.

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Good news: I have tested today with Excel Version 2107 (Build 14228.20204 Click-to-Run) (About dialog shows Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.14228.20200) ) and this backspacing behaviour is resolved in this version.