Tamil Phonetic Typing - அஞ்சல் பாங்கு

In MS Excel cell, phonetic Tamil Typing (phonetic key board), I am unable to type the word Tamil (தமிழ்). As against this, using Tamil99 keyboard, it gets typed. For Phonetic Typing Tamil, we usually write tha =த ; mi =மி ; z =ழ் .
th = த்
tha =
m = ம்
mi =
z = ழ்
At the end of writing tha+mi+z in phonetic typing, I get the result =ழ்.

(Adding to consonants any vowel, the letter disappears). This happens in Excel cell. It does not happen in MS word or MS Edge or Google.
Can you please help.

Welcome to the community, @Jayaraman.

This seems to be the issue with Excel itself, not Keyman; otherwise it would not work elsewhere.

Would this be something related to First character joined by @& ligature tie disappears in Excel - #4 by Marc?

Hi Mr Makara,
This problem is there in two different laptops. I use SDL Studio, there too the same problem. If it is an issue with Excel, would you please be able to guide me as to how to rectify this in both Excel and SDL Studio Editor page?

Can you send a diagnostic report to Keyman Support following the instructions here?

In the meantimes, a workaround in to write/edit text in a separate app that work well and then paste the final edit in the problematic app.