Feature Request: Button to UPDATE ALL items from original sources (Applies to KAB, SAB, etc)

Having cycled through the testing process hundreds of times in the last day, the tedious and error-prone part has been select keyboard, hit delete, yes to confirm, click Add keyboard, click Browse, navigate to KMP file, select it, click Open, click Other font, navigate, select it, click Open, Click OK. And again for each keyboard and lexical model.

Could we please have a toolbar button (maybe between “New App…” and “Save”) labelled “Update” that will update all source files from their original sources? Any keyboard, lexical model, font, book, or audio file for which the original source has been updated should then be updated in one click.

This would be such a time-saver, and a great safety measure for catching the pieces that one would have forgotten to update.

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I only just noticed that this was not labeled as a feature request. I have changed it now.