Feat: create an "Are you sure?" popup dialogue box when deleting a Platform in Touch Layout


Thank you developers for creating such a powerful tool!

I have a small feature request for Keyman Developer, for consideration of the developers and the larger community.

I think it would be good to have a confirmation window appear when deleting a Platform in the Touch Layout. This is a very rarely-performed action, and if a user hits the button by mistake, he could continue working on another, similar, platform for a long time without realizing it. Too long to be able to perform a Ctrl + Z. Much work could be lost.

I understand that confirmation windows are not used as often now, as @Marc mentions in this other thread:

But given the rarity of the action and the possibility of not noticing in time to do a Ctrl + Z, I still think it could be a good idea that would not significantly break workflow.

It’s just a thought! I acknowledge that an accidental deletion of a Platform has not happened to me, so it is a bit theoretical at this point.


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Thanks Alex – given as you say this is a bit theoretical at this point, I won’t open a feature request, because we have a great many other things we need to work on as well, so this would slip a long way down the feature request stack!