Extra fullstops (periods) in entries

Is there a way to suppress the insertion of fullstops? I have tried adding rules to replace two fullstops with one but as they are often in different xml elements it is not seeing them. I can’t see where i nthe appbuilder process they are being added.It results in double fullstops in many entries in the app.

What is your source data kept in?
What is your input format for DAB? LIFT or XHTML?

DAB will add periods to LIFT data. But you can’t control that. You can control what is in your source data.

If your source is in Flex and you are outputting XHTML then you can control periods in Flex.

Thanks for this info. The problem is that the dictionary is ok, but the reversal has extra periods, for example after question marks, but i can see nowhere to control how the reversal is styled.

My input data is LIFT coming out of FLEx

Without seeing the data in Flex and LIFT it gets a bit hard to diagnose.

DAB has a Changes section that could be used to remove periods, though it may not be selective enough.

If there are Periods in the Flex data you could use bulk edits to remove periods selectively by field.