Exporting to In-Design

I was looking at the documentation about spell checker, and incidentally noted that a book is supposed to be exportable to In-Design. I think that this would be a valued feature by Vanuatu’s Curriculum Development Unit, and would help with the supply chain if they end up insisting on books being formatted using that software.

I do not have In-Design on my computer, so when i click on the little dropdown menu next to a book, it offers to export it to Libre or Microsoft Word. What I want to know is:
IS that feature available yet?
Will it indeed show up in that dropdown menu when it is?
When I attempt to export a book into Word, it only seems to export the pictures, no text. Should I expect the same with the export into In-Design? If so, it might not be worth mentioning to the CDU.

Thanks so much for all you do. BLOOM is amazing.


Thanks, Bethann.

Export to InDesign is considered an “Experimental” feature.
To enable it, go to Settings -> Advanced Program Settings, and turn on “Show Experimental Commands”.

This will allow you to export an .xml file for use in importing to InDesign.
Bloom will inform you:

This command will make an xml file that you can use to pull images and text into InDesign. You will still need your own InDesign page templates into which you will pull the text and images. Information on importing XML in to InDesign is available from Adobe.

Export to InDesign (and Word) should include images and text. If you are having problems with this, please submit a bug report to issues@bloomlibrary.org. It will usually be helpful if you can include the book.
Another easy way to submit a bug report which will include the book for you is to go to Help -> Report a Problem from within Bloom after opening the book.

I had problems with the Export as Word option recently, so just tried again now as Bethann mentions the same issue. It exports all the copyright information, but that’s the only text included with the export. It seems to just export the images into Word and not the text on the pages of the book. I’ve tried with several different books.
I’ll submit a bug report.

Thanks Liz. I was going to do that today.

Thanks for reporting this problem. The export to Word is now working in the latest Alpha version of Bloom. I can see the text and my pictures. There is probably more that can be done but at least you can now get a document that has your text in it.

Thanks Sue. I tested it and it works now.