Example sentence sound file not playing in app

We are looking at recording the audio of some example sentences in the newly created writing-system for voice. (an audio recording feature separate from media files under pronunciation media, and made possible by including a new writing system with the vernacular and specifying “voice” under Special. (see image)

This addition produces a red recording button which becomes an arrow after the sentence is recorded.

The file is stored and exported with the other media files in the subdirectory AudioVisual at the xhtml export phase:


In DAB, after xhtml import, the files seem to be incorporated in the media section:

The app displays two “sound” icons both of which do not produce sound.

Previously recorded “normal” pronunciation media however, does produce sound as it has done in the past:

I am wondering if this is a bug, or if I have missed something that would allow the audio to be played?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hi Bart

I did get this to run, on version 11.1.1.

I notice in your screenshot of the files listed in the Media / Audio section that the length and size of the example sentence files are blank - this suggests to me that the files are actually missing. Try adding the files again and once you see a length and size, rebuild the app. Hopefully the audio is then playable.

Hello Sara,

Thanks for replying and giving me that tip. It was indeed the addition of the (new) media file that was needed! Now the audio plays on tapping the first, black icon. The second blue icon is not clickable. Any suggestions on how to eliminate the 2nd icon?

Have a good day,

Hi Bart

To eliminate the 2nd icon, you probably need to use the Appearance/Changes section and find a way to “remove” (only at the build app stage) the section of the xhtml that contains the 2nd icons. I don’t immediately see a way to do this, and unfortunately I don’t have more time to look just now. If you figure the “change” required, do post it here!