European Cyrillic Keyboard

Looking at the possibility of using Keyman for entering cyrillic for the various European languages using it (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusan, Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian), I encountered a few issues:

Firstly, searching using both old and new (beta) keyboard searches for ‘cyrillic’ only came up with a limited (and seemingly random) selection of keyboards, excluding e.g. ‘Russian’ and ‘Ukrainian’.

Secondly, some of those which did show up - in particular ‘Phonyrus’ - did not seem to have any help or keyboard maps available, although there was a link from the keyboard page, it only led to a list of links (that didn’t include Phonyrus).

Thirdly, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘common’ cyrillic keyboard, corresponding to the Eurolatin one, which is what I am after. Are there any possibilities of one coming in the future? or would it be a case of develop my own?

Given that my needs are limited (little more than place and other names) a ‘phonetic’ type keyboard would be best for me - is there a base/sample source keyboard available that I could develop?


As far as I am aware we don’t really have something like that. It’s a good idea. Phonyrus seems to be Russian and Kazakh. If you want to come up with a layout we could help with getting it integrated into the system.

Yes, at present the search on script is a little limited, because we haven’t captured script metadata for quite a number of keyboards. I’ve logged this as an improvement to the keyboard metadata and search at

Phonyrus actually does include some documentation, which you can see if you install it, but it is not yet online ( As copyright is shared with Tavultesoft, I can give you the source to work with: I would encourage you to share the result with us through the keyboard repository submission process (; as @Lorna said, we can help with that too.


I don’t think Phonyrus is the only keyboard where the documentation is not online, I thought I came across another case but can’t remember what it was - don’t whether somebody should be searching through, or just resolving such issues when they come up.

If and when I do anything about creating such a keyboard (or another), I’m certainly willing to contribute it back, thanks for the pointer to advice, but don’t hold your breath…


Yes, you are right. I’ve updated the issue to suggest that we should go through all the keyboards. We should be able to automate much of that so it isn’t too onerous a job!

I don’t think Phonyrus is the only keyboard where the documentation is not online, …

Better late than never. The online help for Phonyrus is now available at

We’ll gradually be converting other missing help documentation and making them available.