Error reporting problem - error clicking Keep in Touch

I just clicked the “Keep in Touch” tab in settings in Keyman 10 for Windows. (I was actually looking for where to get the latest updates.) Something failed and I was asked to send in an error report. That failed, too, and I was told where to find the file with the error report to send in. But I can’t figure out where to email that and this forum does not allow file attachements.

Hi @TomB

That might have been fixed in 14.0 with PR #3763.

Can you uninstall Keyman and then get the latest 14.0 release from this link?

(Keyman Desktop is now renamed Keyman for Windows)

Thanks for the reminder. (That was after all what I was intending to do when I got side-tracked by this error.)

Keyman 14 indeed seems to have fixed this. I was surprised that my installed keyboards were all forgotten by uninstalling 10 and installing 14. Is that by design. (Not a big deal, since I mostly just use Keyman for testing interactions with other programs. I was eventually able to find where I put the one custom keyboard that I sometimes use for real work.)