Error in keyman developer

Hello. I’m working on a Keyman project for the languages of Chad and I’m having a problem.
I’ve recently had some problems where I can’t compile the keyboard, and I can’t open the .kps package source file, getting this error:

We noticed that if we delete the kpj.user file, then we can do both of those things. But it appears that the compilation re-creates the kpj.user file, which then prevents use from doing those things again. I’ve attached the kpj.user file, in case that helps identify the problem.



Welcome to the community @Roger_Nadoumngar,

I’m sorry that you experience this issue. Could you share the keyboard folder with me so I can take a look at it?

Thank you!

For our internal reference, error report is here: #11687.

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We noted that the project you sent us does not contain a .kps file, which means we cannot reproduce the error. Are you able to share the .kps file with us as well?

I have pushed a fix for 17.0 and 18.0-alpha for this issue at #11698 and #11699. These should be published in the next few days. This should avoid the crash, but we don’t really know which file was causing the crash, except that it was a .js file.

Thank you for your help and this news. I started the compilation again, and it seems to me that it was done without an error, strange, isn’t it? Now I have another problem, can I put it in the community? Or should I explain it to you directly?

(Attachment roger_nadoumngar.vcf is missing)

Yes, please share any issues in the community, as that way anyone else who experiences it will also benefit from our responses :grinning: